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kitchen. >> for campers malcolm morgan and his daughter, mia, visiting. >> we are comparing it to disney land, you see more happy faces here than you did in disney land. >> but he found not so family friendly activities near his campsi campsite. >> we detected the odor of pot. >> he is not the only one. rangers arrested or cited nearly 900 visitors for drug possession, out of the roughly 3 million traveling into the park. up 18% from five years ago. >> i don't think that we have drug dealers on the corners or anything like that. >> she spends most of her time patrolling the campsites in the valley and said, yosemite is safe. >> do you feel there's a drug problem? >> i think there's a transient drug issue here. it's largely folks coming and going. >> but the investigative unit found that more of the visitors are getting busted for drugs here than at other popular national parks. in the last three years, yosemite had 20 busts for every 100,000 visitors. in comparison, out of the 100,000 that made the trip to yellow stone since 2010. just 5 were arrested or cited for drugs. >> i'm surprised
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1